Lemongrass tea: 7 benefits

Lemongrass in some cases called lemon grass or citronella, is a tall grass-like fixing usually utilized in Southeast Asia. The lower stalks and bulbs of the plant have a crisp, perfect, lemony fragrance that is once in a while likewise added to teas, marinades, curries, and stocks.

Notwithstanding its utilization as an enhancing operator, lemongrass and lemongrass basic oil are likewise utilized for restorative purposes, some of which are upheld by logical proof.

The fundamental oil extricated from lemongrass(citronella) has remedial advantages. As indicated by fragrance based treatment, it calms pressure, and is utilized to make cleansers, aromas just as creepy crawly anti-agents. Include a couple of drops of the oil to your shower water or mix it in your clean, for an invigorating knowledge. On account of its sterile properties, you can utilize it as a disinfectant for your home.

Indians, particularly in the south, get ready tea and kashayam with lemongrass.


Take crisp leaves and blend in high temp water for a couple of minutes. Strain and drink. You could include some nectar for sweetness like honey or some flavors. Lemongrass is additionally included to stew, curries, sautes and drinks.

Lemongrass contains cell reinforcements, flavonoids and phenolic mixes, for example, luteolin, glycosides, quercetin, kaempferol, elemicin, catechol, chlorogenic corrosive, and caffeic corrosive, which help in giving a great scope of therapeutic guides. The fundamental part of this fragrant herb is lemonal or citral, which has antifungal and hostile to microbial characteristics.

Lemongrass is a sweet-smelling storage facility of basic supplements giving a variety of medical advantages. The USDA National Nutrient Database demonstrates that it is a wellspring of fundamental nutrients and minerals, for example, nutrient A, B-nutrients, folate, and nutrient C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, zinc, and iron, which are required for the sound body work

Lowers Cholesterol
Regular use helps in removing bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Detoxifies the Body
Flushes out harmful wastes from the system

Anticancer Potential
Powerful in averting the development of cancer causing cells

Fights Staphylococcus aureus
It contains phenols and basic oil, which may disturb the development of diseases and germs and help hinder the arrangement of the biofilms.

Stomach Disorders
Fights stomach infections because of its antibacterial properties.

Relieves Insomnia
Accommodating in quieting muscles and nerves that may help in better sleep.

Respiratory Disorders
It is very effective in treating cough and cold.

Reduces Fever
It lowers the fever and it is also called “fever grass”.

Helps Treat Infections
fills in as a disinfectant and is viable in treating diseases, for example, ringworm, injuries, Athlete’s Foot, scabies, and urinary tract contaminations in view of its antimicrobial and against contagious properties

Reduces Aches
It will improve the blood circulation and relief the spasms

Nervous System
It invigorates the psyche and aides in fighting seizures, anxiety, vertigo, and different neuronal issue. It is utilized in helpful showers, which help with quieting the nerves and reducing the manifestations of uneasiness and weariness brought about by pressure.

Type-2 Diabetes
It may help maintain levels of insulin and improve the tolerance of glucose in the body.

Relieves Pain & Inflammation

Boosts Immunity
Due to its anti-microbial activity it boosts the immunity power .

Skin Care
It helps in fortifying the skin tissues and conditioning up the pores while additionally disinfecting them. Care ought to be taken while utilizing lemongrass items, as the undiluted application may prompt dermal bothering sometimes.

Cellular Health
Cancer prevention agent power can help with the recovery of new cells and with disposing of the old.

Relief from Edema
It cleansingly affects lymphatic blockage and relieves the expanding.

This oil has characteristic astringent and conditioning characteristics that help invigorate blood course and tone up the dermal tissues. It is likewise thought to help in fixing, elevating and firming skin.

Reduces Obesity
It removes the excess fat around the abdomen and helps in maintaining the balanced weight.

Eliminates Body Odor
Antiperspirants help battle unsavory stench and avoid parasitic and bacterial contaminations.

Insect Repellent
Against malarial and hostile to protozoan properties of lemongrass, which makes its oil a successful fixing in mosquito anti-agents.

It is also utilized in attracting honeybees.

Lemongrass tea: 7 benefits and recipes


Recipe 1 :-

Chopped lemongrass,
Crushed mint leaves,
Tulsi leaves
Add all these to boiling water. Boil for 2 minutes, strain and serve.

Recipe 2 :-

Lemongrass powder
Crushed ginger
1 clove

Add them in boiling water and Boil for 1 minute, strain and serve
you can also add this lemongrass powder along with tea powder while making tea.

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Lemongrass tea: 7 benefits

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